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Friday, December 26, 2008

Twas the day after Christmas...

Well hello hello!!! As you can see I haven't posted lately. The hustle and bustle of Christmas and well... you know LIFE has kept me quite busy. BUT... that didn't stop me from taking another step towards my goals. TODAY was my first day back inside a GYM! Yes, I said INSIDE a GYM. LOL! :) I joined our local Golds Gym and I LOVE IT! The gym is fairly new, so I have the luxury of working out on new equipment and hey, get this... they have a cardio theater that looks like a real movie theater... with theater lighting, big screen, the whole sha-bang!! I didn't go in there today though. Instead I went to the gym that is LADY's only (so cool) and did 55 minutes of cardio while watching talk shows. Ha ha! Then I happily went out to the big gym area where all of the other people were (mostly guys... woooweeeeeee!) and worked on my legs. I was so psyched to find out that my strength really hasn't changed much. I did 4 sets on the leg press machine ending at 260lbs for 12 reps!!! Yeah!!!! And then did the usual leg extension & leg curl exercises... but forgot to do calves DARN IT! Then finished off with some ab crunches and ab twists on the ball. I had so much fun working out today and I love the atmosphere in the gym! What can I say... I started my new years a few days early. :) I am really looking forward to going again tomorrow. Yipee!!! Well, I hope you all had a nice Christmas. Mine was wonderful!

'til later!
~ CC

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hey everyone! Well, I did it today! I'm so psyched! I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about how and why I've been struggling with weight loss and staying motivated. WELL... I finally figured it out... for some reason I have this rebellion complex... I seem to do better being accountable to myself than relying on other people for accountability. I don't know why... but when I rely on someone else (ie, friends, husband, etc.) something inside me makes me want to rebel. WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH ME?? Anyway... I am psyched BECAUSE I finally decided that I need to be accountable to ME! I created my vision today and set all sorts of goals for myself. Daily goals, monthly goals and future goals. I'm going to keep my vision and goals right in front of me every day too! I am SO looking forward to each day and reaching each daily goal. And before I know it, one month will have gone by and I will have reached my monthly goal. Next year is going to be my year. WATCH OUT EVERYONE! By July 2009 I am going to be HOT HOT HOT!!! And THEN... watch out fitness world! I WILL BE THE NEXT FITNESS/WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS STORY!!!!

Love you guys and thank you for being my inspiration too!!!

~ CC

My Daily Goals

My Daily Goals

· Lose at least 1 lb per week, strive for 3lbs per week

· Drink at least 1 gallon of water per day

· Do cardio at least 5 times per week

· Do weight resistant exercise at least 3 times per week

· Exercise for 3 weeks straight

· Eat healthy daily allowances from each food group

· Take my supplements on a regular basis

· Record weekly measurements and weight

· Record daily food/fluid/supplement intake

My Monthly Goals

· Weigh 187 lbs by January 14th

· Wear a size 12 jeans comfortably by end of January

· Weigh 177 lbs by February 14th

· Weigh 167 lbs by March 14th

· Start a running program by end of March

· Weigh 157 lbs by April 14th

· Wear a size 10 pair of jeans comfortably by the end of April

· Weigh 147 lbs by May 14th

· Run5k by end of May

· Weigh 137 lbs by June 14th

· Wear a size 8 pair of jeans comfortably by the end of June

· Weigh 127 lbs by July 14th

· Maintain around 127 lbs every month there after

· Wear a size 6 pair of jeans comfortably by the end of July

My Future Goals

· Have tummy tuck to remove lose abdominal skin

· Hire Personal Trainer to prepare for a fitness competition

· Compete in a Fitness competition

· Obtain my Personal Training Cert

· Train, Motivate and Inspire other people to reach their fitness goals

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ok ok... so i'm a slacker

Well, the holidays are here! YAY!!! I still have not done any Christmas shopping yet either! Anyway... I've been kind of off of the wagon for a few weeks. With the business of work, home, and "life" in general I just decided to take a break from worrying about what I'm eating, and if I exercised or not. Well, now I have this little voice telling me that I better get back on the wagon ASAP. So, I am determined to do this "AGAIN". I'm going to focus on a vision, a game plan, a schedule, or something to that affect. My goal starting next week is to start back on my one hour of cardio/circuit training at least 6 days per week. AND I'll be starting a new supplement (fat burner" called DREN. I'm looking forward to the results. I desparately need a jump start in this weight loss journey. Being stuck between 193 and 198lbs is NOT good for this 5'3" frame. I'm feeling the weight take its toll on my joints, and my lower back... plus my asthma isn't getting any better. :( So I have no choice but to do something NOW!!! So, here I am... I'm BACK!!!!! Pray for me! Please???