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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ok ok... so i'm a slacker

Well, the holidays are here! YAY!!! I still have not done any Christmas shopping yet either! Anyway... I've been kind of off of the wagon for a few weeks. With the business of work, home, and "life" in general I just decided to take a break from worrying about what I'm eating, and if I exercised or not. Well, now I have this little voice telling me that I better get back on the wagon ASAP. So, I am determined to do this "AGAIN". I'm going to focus on a vision, a game plan, a schedule, or something to that affect. My goal starting next week is to start back on my one hour of cardio/circuit training at least 6 days per week. AND I'll be starting a new supplement (fat burner" called DREN. I'm looking forward to the results. I desparately need a jump start in this weight loss journey. Being stuck between 193 and 198lbs is NOT good for this 5'3" frame. I'm feeling the weight take its toll on my joints, and my lower back... plus my asthma isn't getting any better. :( So I have no choice but to do something NOW!!! So, here I am... I'm BACK!!!!! Pray for me! Please???



Kelly Olexa said...

Hey Girl!! Thanks for following my blog- I AM LOVING YOURS!!!
;-) Have a great week!!

Rosso said...

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