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Sunday, February 1, 2009

3rd day on new diet and I'm feeling GOOD

Well, last thursday I started seeing a personal trainer who is also a friend of mine "Cindy". She has been seriously kicking my butt in the gym... and what can I say except it really feels good to finally sweat like a pig! Ha ha! This past thursday she gave me my new diet to follow. I started following it religiously on Friday and I'm happy to admit that I haven't cheated one bit. Actually, I really like it. Breakfast is delicious, I especially LOVE the protein shakes with... drum roll please... all natural peanut butter (MY FAVORITE) and surprisingly Sugar Free Metamucil Berry Berry. The protein shakes are Whey Isolate which is a very low carb mix. Everything in my diet for the first two weeks are low glycemic index foods. So, as some of you probably already do, I now have to keep a food journal. AND as Cindy says "Make sure you eat every 2 1/2 to 3 hours". So, its seems like I'm always eating something. Yet, my calories haven't gone beyond 1200 per day. Take that and the 600 to 900 calories that I've been burning at the gym and I am bound to lose this weight! OH speaking of losing weight... I LOST MORE! Yipeee!!! I was 194.0 this morning. I feel my first weight lose goal coming! And I know I'm going to reach it. I WILL LOSE 3 lbs this week, and 3lbs next week... and well, that one extra pound, I'm gonna try extra hard to lose that too. But I have to keep it healthy. So 3 lbs per week is what I'm pushing for. I WILL DO THIS! YEAH!!!

Ok... back to watching the Super Bowl. GO PITTSBURGH!