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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My body is a furnace and I'm on FIRE!!!

Yeah, thats right! I am on FIRE! I am so happy with myself. I'm addicted to this new lifestyle that I have now. I weighed myself this morning and lost MORE weight. Yeah yeah I know... stay away from scale! Ha ha! But its being so nice to me!! :) I love it! And speaking of being addicted to a new life style... I now have a new favorite food... EDAMAME (soy beans)! Oh my goodness... these are the most delicious things I have ever had! Put a little sea salt on them and WOW! Not only are they good, but they are high in fiber and protein! So... I have 10 days left to reach my first monthly goal. I can see 187 lbs right around the corner. This morning I weighed 192.4lbs. So that leaves me 5.4 lbs to go. Can I do that in 10 days? YOU BET I CAN and I WILL TO!! :-)

Well, I am going to hit the sack. MY eyes and my body are saying "sleep... sleep... sleep...". Guess I should listen, huh? Good Night all! Mmwwaahh!


mikeyrosie000 said...

Edamame..I have been meaning to try that I have heard good things about it.

Great job on the weight loss! It won't be long now before you hit your goal.

Have a great sleep and get up and push it in the gym and you will lose those last pounds!!

DJ Doug Collins said...

I actually read in my latest muscle and fitness that stepping on the scale every day can be a GOOD thing. Which is nice, because I do it haha. Congratulations on your goals. Looks like you're working hard!