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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Moving along in so many ways!

Its been about a week since I posted. Just thought I'd put a little update on here. :) I am STILL losing weight! YAY! and guess what??? I can see my triceps! YAY!! It feels so good to watch the scale go down and see my muscles getting more shapely and defined. My trainer said "WOW, you're getting oblique's!" Ha ha!!! My week at training has been kind of slow though. Between having band practice on Mondays, the motorcycle safety/beginner course on Wednesday, and buying my first motorcycle on Friday and then taking the course again today, I haven't trained as often as I should. My trainer kicked my butt on Tuesday and Saturday. I kicked my own butt on Thursday. So I am glad that I got in at least 3 workout days last week. Its better than not working out at all. I want to count today as a workout day too. Because let me tell you, learning how to ride a motorcycle is just as taxing on your body as working out in a gym. The bike that I'm learning on is heavy. And you're using muscles that you don't use on a day to day basis. I messaged my trainer asking her what I can do to strengthen my "motorcycle" muscles. Ha ha ha! Seriously though, my hips, butt, neck, and shoulders are very sore and tired. Anyway, I am going to relax and watch one of my favorite tv shows "Desperate Housewives". I'll update more later. :)


*ANA* said...

your doing good!

Anonymous said...

Sweet, a bike!! That's really cool, I don't think I could do that.

Glad to hear things are still going well!