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Monday, March 16, 2009

my first authorized cheat meal

Well, I did it. I had my first authorized cheat meal on Saturday night. I ate 10 chicken wings with blue cheese dressing and celery and drank about 3 1/2 Sugar free red-bulls with vodka. OH MY GOODNESS... let me tell you how awful I felt the next day! My stomach was upset, I felt extremely bloated and lethargic AND I had three pimples break out on my face!!! I did 50 minutes of turbo jam (kickboxing) and 20 minutes of abs on Sunday. But I sure as heck didn't feel very energetic. I guess it was a good learning experience for me because now I know that I prefer eating healthy. I would eat grilled chicken with a sweet potato and edamame ANY DAY over chicken wings or any kind of greasy food. So I am back right on track as if I never had a cheat meal and I plan on sticking to it. Even if my trainer wants me to have an authorized cheat meal, I think I might either opt out... or find something that really isn't all that bad (or greasy for that matter). I never knew how good healthy foods actually tasted until that was all I was used to eating. I'M LOVING THIS HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!!!!


Liimu said...

HAH. Yeah, you say that now...I say that after every cheat meal, and then in a couple weeks, I get so sick of yet another grilled chicken breast, I'm dying for a cheat. Then, I have it, feel just like you felt and swear them off forever. Until the next time. :)

You're doing great. Can't wait to see YOUR before/after progress pics!! Keep up the great work! See you soon!