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Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm BACK!!! And the weight STILL GOES DOWN! YAY!!!

I am SO SORRY for not blogging lately! For the last two weeks I have been fighting a virus at my job. And of course I am the only one that can fix these darn things. So, my computer along with everyone elses has been basically in repair mode. Anyway, I'm finally back on line again. YAY!!! Today is the first day of my week vacation from work. I cant wait to just finally relax, get more focused on my eating and exercising and catch up on some things around the house. I took sort of a two week hiatus from working out. I've been so exhausted. Not really from exercising but from working my mind trying to clean things up at work. ANYWAY... I am psyched! I'm still losing weight and now that I'm on vacation I'll be able to really focus on myself and kick it into HIGH GEAR! WOOHOO! Well, I'm off to get some R&R then go to the gym and burn some fat later on tonight. I will be back later... I PROMISE!! :)


Nerd Girl said...

glad your back! kick ass chica!

Liimu said...

Hey girl,

Glad to hear you still have your total focus! Thanks so much for your prayers and for the adorable bear and balloon you sent while Amelia was in the hospital. She loved them, and so did we.

Can't wait to see you guys this summer when you play out!

Now, I have to lose the poundage I gained while I stress-ate my way through this crisis.

Love ya,