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Friday, May 22, 2009

my visit with my trainer

Yesterday I had an appointment to see my trainer and go over my diet. I knew she wasn't going to like what she saw. I was down .2 lbs since the last time I saw her (almost two weeks previous). So needless to say she wasn't all to pleased. The last two weeks have been tough on me emotionally and mentally. Even though I had a week off from work, I've been struggling with things in my mind and in my heart. A lot of different things have been weighing on me and every day I think about those things. Its made me feel depressed and constantly questioning myself and the choices I've made in my life that has brought me to the situation I'm in now. I talked about my struggles with my trainer and she told me that stress makes it harder for a person to lose weight. And she's right! She told me that I need to get over this hump and push thru it and fight to stay focused. I love the way she talks to me about things. It gives me a new sense of confidence in myself and in my abilities. She's an awesome trainer! Thank GOD I have her on my side!

So, today I have had a successful day of eating all the right foods and keeping my body fueled. And tonight I had an AWESOME workout! I trained legs and really pushed it hard. I think my tush is really going to hurt for the next few days. Then I did an hour on the elliptical. I was soaked in sweat by the time I finished. I feel great! :)

Tomorrow is a new day again and I will be getting up bright and early to meet up with my trainer and some other people to do an hour bootcamp. All the proceeds go to charity. So I'll be getting my butt kicked while giving a little something to help out with Alex's Lemonade Stand. Its a wonderful reason to get my butt kicked, don't you think?


Liimu said...

Wow, such an amazing experience to have a trainer who can address the body AND the mind, isn't it? You are doing so great. Congratulations!!