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Monday, May 18, 2009

Vacation is over.... boooooo :(

Ok... so I'm back at work now. And of course I have the piles of things to do that were left for me all last week. Ugh! Last week I had my vacation. I spent a lot of time in the gym, so that was definitely a good thing. But, my trainer changed up my eating plan and well... I dont like it. Blah! Its not that I dont like the food. I just think that I like what I was eating before so much better. This time its kind of boring and well... blah! I feel like all I can eat are protein shakes, egg whites, oatmeal and some lean meat with green veggies. I can do that maybe a few days out of the week, but every day??? I just have to suck it up and do it. I was well... not so good with my eating this week. I had a few meals that weren't on my list. But I did stay within a 1300 calorie range. But again, my body knows that I'm not eating right and now my weight loss has slowed down. I did lose almost 1/2 lbs in 8 days, but thats really not much at all considering how much I should be losing if I followed my trainers plans to the T! And well, she did say no cheat meals this week either. But did I listen??? NO... I had a few. And of course I have excuses for having cheat meals... like my daughters birthday party. But I can hear her little voice in my ear saying... NO EXCUSES... FOLLOW THE PLAN! What can I say... she's my personal "Jillian Michaels Junior"! LOL! Anyway... Today I started back to eating the foods I'm allowed to eat and I always log them in my iPhone. So far so good. I want to lose a few more pounds before I see her. So, I will be going to the gym tonight and will be kicking my butt all week (like I should have been doing LAST WEEK!!!).

By the way... I plan on posting some progress pics soon. So keep checking back. :)


Darla said...

It sounds like you have a fabulous trainer who is keeping you accountable!!! I think I have heard the same things from my clients and I very much enjoyed your candid blog:)

Stay healthy!